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Included: Class fee (120 minutes).

Photos and videos taken during the class

Please arrive at 10 minutes early at the

designated location before the lesson.

No refunds will be given for no-shows.

Toronto's class holds up to 60 participants,

except for Vancouver's, with a capacity of 45.

Please note that the songs will not be

pre-announced. They will be announced on-site.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes
for the class. (No high heels or slippers)

Please make sure to fill out the applicant's
personal information on the Typeform page.

The personal information you provide is
used to send you a confirmation text and
email for the workshop ticket.

When the book is confirmed, we will send
you a paypal payment email.

Present your invoice to the staff upon arrival

at the workshop.

For reservation changes or inquiries,
contact us at hello@mvnt.world